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At Bear Industries, LLC, we understand that developers and landowners may consider the strategic option of selling a property before it is complete or prior to breaking ground. We will acquire not only the land but if a developer wants to enter a presale prior to completion we will acquire the property if it falls within our acquisition criteria, complete the construction and take on 100% of the lease up obligation. This is a good option for many developers looking to mitigate the risks of rising cap rates, rising interest rates, or simply to free up capital and staff time for other projects.

We have created this program to provide an outlet for commercial developers to realize the value they have created in their projects by selling prior to completion and/or lease up. This program is called the Developer Presale Reward Program, and we provided a brochure to help explain how the program may benefit you (click on the link below).

We welcome brokerage participation, and we welcome the opportunity to help developers unlock the value they have created without the burden of ongoing obligations such as master leases and guarantees.

Please contact us to learn more about how the Developer Early Reward Program might work for you or for your clients.
Deleveraged Equities, LLC.
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