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The primary objective of Bear Industries is to utilize our experience, integrity, insight, vision and creativity to maximize value for our clients, partners and communities. Our consistent performance reflects our mission to create special real estate assets from conception through operation.

Bear Industries is differentiated from other development firms in its ability to accurately evaluate site and design approaches, gather market and cost data, and organize it into dependable budgets and proformas. Many real estate firms do not have the capabilities or experience to accurately review multiple options for a project and properly budget them to analyze alternative uses for more complex re-use, re-position, suburban, or mixed used sites. Our team, however, is extensively experienced at costing, evaluating, and managing such complex alternatives.

We have extensive experience in coordinating and negotiating entitlements for a wide variety of project types and complexities and has specialized in obtaining controversial approvals that require such extensive community outreach and/or complex environmental or other studies. A key strength brought to the table by Bear Industries is the team’s ability to relate approval conditions to actual proforma requirements such that approval conditions that are not economically acceptable are properly negotiated out and do not end up stopping the actual future development of a property.
Deleveraged Equities, LLC.
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