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The Bear Industries model utilizes best practices to create unprecedented value through respecting and executing on the highest and best use of good commercial land mainly in suburban markets. Our success persists through intensive management at an operational level and an extensive development program, which continually improves the quality of the portfolio to generate steady income and capital growth for our investors. Our Investors benefit because of the company’s rigorous discipline; we are able to identify and implement specific tenancy, which creates substantial value and appreciation.

Our preferred sites allow for hospitality use combined with retail out-pads; This momentum created by our obtaining hospitality approval often benefits and promotes opportunities in leasing the surrounding out pads to many national tenants looking for higher traffic counts. The value and disposition of the hospitality portion then allows for the surrounding area to become divisible as “bonus” retail out pads.

Through respecting the inherent value of land by centralizing developments to achieve minimal footprints while maintaining maximum efficiency, has allowed for growth in the most of challenging economic climates. Our main dedication always remains preserving capital and growing wealth through diversifying our portfolios in targeting ‘bite-size’ acquisitions with strong retail tenants specifically targeted.
Deleveraged Equities, LLC.
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